Composite Drainage Board

Composite Drainage Dimple Board is made from high density polyethylene plastic and it is a kind of geomembrane with dimples and holes on the surface,The groove can collect water that is filtered through the geotextile,the hole which can drain excess water.

It is a kind of geomembrane with dimples on the surface. The dimples can be in cylinder and semi cone shape. It could also be coated by non woven geotextile. The liquid and gas can go through freely between dimples.

Roof Garden Drainage Layer with a special plastic sheet extrusion process will be closed to the protruding cylinder shell to form a bump-like membrane, shell continuous, with a high degree of three-dimensional space and some supports, can resist the long-term high-pressure, no deformation. Shell top cover geotextile filter layer, to ensure that the drainage channel will not be blocked by foreign objects and, as particles or concrete backfill. 

The bottom of drainage dimple board is made of polyethylene which can bear longtime high pressure and has no distortion.It can bear the heavy weight,load of concrete board and unavoidable pressure outside in the construction such as vehicle,worker trampling,concrete affusing etc.With its anti-pressure property,it can remain the tonnage

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