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Erosion Control Mat

Erosion Control Mat is widely used for fixing soil, grass and small plants roots, also applied in geosynthetics and other construction field.  The three dimensional structure retains a layer of top soil and anchors for growing grass roots thus providing a stable surface highly resistant the forces of rain drops and wash away.  Erosion control mat is widely used for creating stable vegetation along river, pond banks and slopes to prevent erosion on processes of surfaces. 

It is a kind of high polymer synthetic material made of 3D mesh structure, quality of a material is loose, flexible, with 90% of the space can fill soil,sand,the roots of the plants are grown through them balanced, the growth of grass make gauze pad, turf, soil surface firmly together, because the plant roots can be extended into the surface of the 30-50 cm, so the formation of a solid layer of green composite coating.

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